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5x -10x Bonus Air Miles for Father’s Day Week

Air Miles is offering up to 10x the bonus miles offer between June 10, 2022 right up to Father’s Day on June 19, 2022 on their shopping portal: Air Miles Shops.

Not all stores are participating in the bonus offers. Some have 2x or 3x bonuses. Otherwise, the more significant ones are the 10x and 5x ones

4 Proven Tips to Maximize Online Shopping Savings with Points

Today, we feature Tiffany Park, who writes for Little Bundle. She is a parenting, health, and communications writer with a passion for improving family connection for herself and others. Having studied communications, she enjoys learning about various cultures, seeing different perspectives, and seeking travel adventures with her husband and toddling daughter. 

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Earn 5x Miles on Aeroplan eStore

Keep in mind that Aeroplan and Air Canada are still running their Travel at Home campaign, where you can fast track to Air Canada elite status. 

For example, Aeroplan members who earn 50,000 miles, between April 20, 2020 and May 31, 2020, will receive an Air Canada Altitude Prestige 25K status valid through 2021.

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Aeroplan Black Friday Promotions

Aeroplan is offering several bonus offers, including up to 10x the bonus miles on the eStore in celebration of Black Friday. Even though there is no Black Friday in Canada, many countries have hopped on the bandwagon. I cannot complain if it results is extra bonus opportunities. 

Below are some of the key offers to watch out for.


Aeroplan Back to School Promotion!

Aeroplan is currently offering up to bonus miles opportunities with Back to School promotions.
The good part about Air Canada buying Aeroplan out is that there is less uncertainty about our miles come June 2020. I still wish that Aeroplan was going to branch off from Air Canada and compete directly with them. But if the two can create more value by joining forces, then it might work out! 

I don’t know about you, but when I was young, I dreaded going back to school.