How to Begin Using your Esso Extra Privileges Card

In an earlier post we introduced the Extra Privileges fuel savings card offered by Esso which helps increase your savings in gas. To begin using your Extra Privileges card, the first step you will need to do is pick up one at your local Esso station. After this has been done, you will need to follow the instructions on the brochure to activate the card, in which you will then receive an email verifying confirmation of activation.

Follow the link below to link your Esso Extra card and Extra Privileges fuel savings reward card to start saving!

How the card works is that once you have activated the card, you will need to load the offers sent from Esso onto the Extra Privileges card (for example: purchase a gas station item, purchase a car wash, etc.). This will entitle you to a savings of 2.5 cents per the specified amount of litres gas filled. Linking your Esso Extra and Extra Privileges card will maximize your savings at Esso stations.

For those who are already collecting Esso Extra points, this becomes extremely attractive, however the drawback seems to be that you will have to go inside to process the offers and redeem the bonus on your Extra Privileges card. If you have a Speedpass, this card seems to defeat the purpose. My one concern is, if your gas station item ends up costing more than what you save in gas then you are better off collecting points from Esso Extra or Aeroplan. It is always important to weigh out your options to see which one will maximize your rewards.


  1. Hi,

    I have the Esso extra privileges card and want to register it.Where is the ” number ” on the card that they want entered
    into the registration page?


      1. Yes, their website has been under maintenance for a while now.

        I would personally not call it a scam though, as I have managed to use the card and get instant cash back.

  2. hey mathew

    are you stupid. There is no such thing as info on finding the extra privileges card number. i think you are idiot

  3. I can’t find the number on the back of your Extra Privileges card also, if you have any Idea where we look for the Information I’m looking for, maybe you can e-mail me at jim_and_marilyn@hotmail. com. The card does have numbers on the back, but you don’t have a program on the computer to add any of the numbers on the back of this card. They have two sets of long numbers, and a short oner, but nowhere to add any of these numbers.

    Thank You

  4. this is the fourth attempt to register my esso extra card, no such luck, not a place to enter numbers, and keep sending me back to this page, not a thing telling us how to go forward. You people need to be a bit more helpful here, thks

    1. I think this post is due for an update. It is relatively out of date. Please check the date of when posts are written (top left hand corner by the title) as we may not always go back to update old posts.

  5. Have a esso card (arrived today) cant seem to get onto my esso card to regester. is there a problem?

  6. I am having a hard time understanding this priviledges card, I used one once went back, it expired, given another one to update, went back, not acknowledged, no savings, what am I supposed to do? Even the Clerk at the station told me x2 that there may be problems because of the computer, but I doon”t know that until I get to the pump, so what gives with that?

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