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My Updated Credit Card Portfolio

This question of which credit card do I have in my wallet seems to be asked fairly often. So I thought I would share my updated portfolio from last time. I generally try to shake up my batch of credit cards every 3 months, which coincides with the previous post.

Last time, I mentioned that I wanted to keep my portfolio, but it was due for an expansion.

Daily Spending

My primary card continues to be the Capital One World Elite Aspire Travel MasterCard. I am more than happy to continue to earn 2 points for every $1 spent, which comes out to 2% cash back that I credit travel expenses (especially taxes and fuel surcharges on a reward redemption).

I put my Rogers recurring bill on my Rogers Platinum MasterCard to continually waive my annual fee. I have also been putting my foreign purchases on this card to earn me 4% cash back.

New Cards

Happy to receive the 50,000 sign up bonus with the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa. There is so much uncertainty around Chase Canada, that we mine as well take advantage of the offer while it is still around.

Signed up for the BMO World Elite MasterCard since the first year fee is currently waived, along with a 20,000 sign up bonus points and 4 complimentary Priority Pass lounge access visits.

Specialized Credit Cards

I have a few upcoming Best Western stays which I will be using my MBNA Best Western MasterCard to earn 5x the points on Best Western purchases.

Last time, my RBC Esso Extra Visa has been converted into the RBC Rewards+ Visa for the time being, since the Esso card has been discontinued. Will be looking to convert it into something else later on.

Due for Cancellation / Transfer

Time for the TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa to go. I cannot justify paying the annual fee.

Will be looking to transfer my RBC Platinum Business Visa to the no annual fee cash back version instead.

Up Next?

I may be looking to jump back into American Express credit cards.


  1. I agree with TD Aeroplan. Not worth paying a fee yearly to keep it. Capital One is the best and is also my go to card. I just got back into AMEX recently, with Scotia’s amazing gold Amex, with FYF and 30000 points.

  2. I dropped Tangerine from my portfolio
    So for personal use

    Amex Simply Cash 1.25%
    PC World Elite 3% at Loblaws, Shoppers and Esso

  3. Out of curiosity, do you not keep at least 1 no annual fee Amex to maintain your membership length?

  4. You could put your Rogers bill on your Capital One Aspire Travel World Elite to earn 2% instead of 1.75%, and then do a product switch from the Rogers card to the Fido card (no annual fee, same 4% for foreign currency purchases) if you’re using the Rogers card for foreign currency purchases only.

  5. I use my Amex Platinum for shopping and eating. My hotel, transportation, grocery and gas goes to my Amex gold. I use my Amex reserve for online purchase and sometime gas. Flights is divided between the Platinum and gold, depending on cost. Lastly my MC elite is for anything non amex accepted…….. I’m very happy with my setup, probably pick 1 to 2 more Amex next year ?

  6. Matt, you got a nice portfolio going! Just wondering about the Rogers Platinum card… is the cash back reward limited to reducing the Rogers bill or purchasing things from Rogers? Can you use it for reducing your credit card balance like other cash back cards can?

    Also, have you analyzed the MBNA World Elite Mastercard? It doesn’t have as good of travel insurance as BMO World Elite, but 2% return on each dollar spent and the $89 annual fee makes it a very attractive card!

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