Ways to Earn More “More Rewards”

In our previous post, we introduced the More Rewards loyalty program and how we can earn points. Since the earnings rate is a bit slow at 1 point per dollar spent in most locations, in this post we will talk about different ways to earn More Rewards quicker.

For those who have an easier access to More Rewards, there are a few tips on earning rewards faster:

Double Points

It can be extremely frustrating when you’re earning 1 point per dollar spent at More Rewards affiliated grocery stores, but you can boost this rate by earning double points or bonus points offered in store. You will need to keep a look out for these.

MBNA MasterCard

Now when you sign up for the More Rewards MasterCard you can earn 25,000 More Rewards points after your qualifying purchase. You will earn 4 points for every dollar spent at participating grocery stores such as: Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Cooper’s Foods, PriceSmart Foods and Urban Fare. You will earn 3 points for every dollar spent elsewhere. There is no annual fee on the card, and if you’re just earning at a rate of 1 point per dollar with the More Rewards loyalty card, you’re getting a huge boost with the sign-up bonus.

Multi-Buy Products

Sometimes, you will receive offers in which you can earn bonus points when you purchase multiple items of the same product. This is quite simple and the extra points are added on your receipt at the time of the purchase.

Spend More

By using the kiosk located at the front of most participating grocery stores, you can opt in to bonus offers by scanning your cards. Typically bonus points are given if you spend a certain amount such as 375 points for spending $35. However, the number of points you receive will increase as you spend more. Consequently, it may be a better idea to wait out the weekly grocery shopping if you wish to earn a little more.

Living in the Eastern part of Canada, I won’t have too many opportunities to take advantage over in-store spending; however, I can still earn More Rewards by signing up for the credit card, which will allow me to earn at least 3 points per dollar spent anywhere. I love the fact that you can earn More Rewards from quite a vast selection of locations, ranging from hotels, car rentals and grocery stores. I would love to see More Rewards expand into the rest of the country so we can take advantage of in-store earning.


  1. Just going to comment on this, as I’ve been playing with the MoreRewards system a little over a year now:

    One point per dollar is ridiculous. Yes, it is the base rate, but even a small amount of effort will reward you with far more points. I recently came off a shopping trip with 60+ points/dollar, but normally average somewhere between 30-50. The key is to know where the breaks are for points-per-spend coupons (get the Save-On app. It is crucial here, and accepted at all Overwaitea chains, e.g. PriceSmart) and plan accordingly.

    Secondly, every few weeks they’ll run special coupons with “Spend $100, get 2000 or spend $200 get 5000” points coupons. They’ll show up in your flyer, but these are some of the best you’ll do.

    Cereal, if you’re into that sort of thing, is frequently the best thing you can get. There are often “buy 5 cereals get 2000 points, buy 10 get 5000”, up to the most recent “Buy 10 get 10000 points” promo.

    And then there are often bonus point promos all over the place on various items. Usually 50-200 points per item, these can be quite lucrative, such as once when our local shop gave 700 points per lb of coffee.

    However the best rate I’ve ever had without resorting to unnecessary spend (e.g. only ever buying things I need anyway) is 77 points/$.

    And as far as rewards go, the Coast Hotels $100/36,000points is the best mathematical reward option without resorting to points-plus-cash, however I’ve seen a few instore specials that beat that. Although never on groceries. That’s just a mathematically terrible way to redeem.

    1. Correction, according to my math I’m actually averaging closer to 13 – whoops.

      That 30-50 is if I’m trying to maximize points with the good promos, it seems.

      On the plus side, new data says the best so far is 88 points/$.

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