WOW Air Ceases Operations TODAY

WOW Air launched 3 years ago with great fanfare and shut down without any notice. Remember when they offered fares as low as $99 (plus fees and taxes) between Canada and Ireland.

Now, less than 3 years later, they abruptly closed up shop today. The airline stranded 2,700 passengers, including Canadians.

I’m definitely disappointed to see this happen, as WOW Air really tried to shake up the market with their unconventional business model.

Either way, I am sad to see them go. What are your thoughts about WOW Air? Did you get to experience the airline? Please let us know in the comment section below.


  1. I’m sure your readers are full of good stories of how they successfully used a low-fare carrier. Having said that, this reinforces the strategy I’ve employed for the last decade : try to find good fares on airlines that have stability. WOW had been drowning for some time now, Primera is already gone… Travel should be fun. Who wants to worry if they are going to be stranded in a foreign country or end up paying double/triple because the fine print wasn’t read ?

  2. Really glad to hear this- Not only has Iceland been flooded with tourists over the last couple of years, leading to massive enviromental problems, there. From a general, environmental perspective, 99$ fares between Europe and North America should be questionable in favor of climate protection.

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