Travel Advice and Advisories for Canadians

I often get questions like: “Should I go to this country?”, “Is it safe to go to this country?”

As you probably know, part of the reason this blog was created, was because I wanted to write about my travel habits, strategies, etc. The latest is that I find myself on the Canadian government website much more often that I used to.

The Canadian government has a very comprehensive website with Travel Advice and Advisories specific to Canadians. Since adding baby girl to my family, I have become more vigilant about which countries I would like to visit. Does not help that she just turned 2 years old, which means we would need to pay for her own plane ticket, even if it meant redeeming points. So this will be grounding me (pun intended) more than before. Road trips have become more of a norm for us for the time being. Will look into some posts in the coming weeks about optimising your road trip, especially with spring having started!

Anyway, back to the travel advisory. If you spent a lot of time reading the warnings, you may get a little depressed. So read it, but maybe not let it control your life. Conversely, if you read the U.S. warning about travelling to Canada, especially the Safety and Security portion, it should put things into perspective.

Either way, I hope that you will find both Canadian and U.S. travel advisory websites useful in helping you decide which countries you would like to visit next!

What other advisory websites do you consult when helping you determine which country to visit next? Please share in the comment section below!


  1. I agree with your line about travel advisories, “So read it, but maybe not let it control your life.”

    Government advisories are issued with the most conservative travellers in mind. That is for sure.

  2. I find it interesting that China, United Kingdom and France all have a “Exercise a high degree of caution.” Much respect to my Chinese-Canadian friends, but the current diplomatic spat with China is no bueno and this advisory feels a little light. Furthermore, UK and France!?! I’m a little wary of the current governments assessment of the world.

  3. every holiday with a 2 year old is interesting haha! You’re a better parent than me, I’m more concerned about a short flight… I saw this on reddit and it’s pretty cool, we used it on our trip to Sydney (try that with young kids from TO) to find a short getaway. Bit rough around the edges but great for ideas:

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