[TRAVEL] Aeroplan Makes Up For a $4,600 Mistake

As much as we love bashing Aeroplan for all the high fuel surcharges and low award availability, they sometimes do a good deed. A young couple was hit with an unexpected $4,643.39 bill by Aeroplan for a booking mistake. In addition, Aeroplan reimbursed the $90 the couple spent on preferred seats on the return flight that they were forced to miss because of the mistake. You can read more about the details of the story in the article.

As much as we bash Aeroplan, they do come through sometimes, so I thought I’d share a positive story instead. Though, this is a perfect example of why you need to keep track of what’s going on with your points. This couple booked their ticket 6 months before their flight with award points only for the terms of their purchased been modified. Even if it is not an award booking, even if you paid for your flight ticket, you should always double check to make sure that your reservations are always in order.

Often times, airlines even change the time of our flight, which might end up conflicting with our schedule. You are suppose to receive an email notification of this change. We all know that if we had to change our flight ticket on our own terms, we are going to get hit by a massive administration fee. But if the airline changes the time of your flight and the change conflicts with your schedule, there is a window of opportunity where you can change your flight ticket to a time that works better for you. If you need to change because the new time conflicts with your schedule, do it as soon as you find out about the change in schedule forced by the airline and they shouldn’t be charging you. But if you wait too long, you will miss that window of opportunity.

Have you ever encountered any similar situation before?

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