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Building a Credit Card Portfolio (around $500 spending per month)

See also: Building a Credit Card Portfolio (around $2,000 spending per month) Building a Credit Card Portfolio (around $5.000 spending per month) This is going to be the first part of a three part series on building a credit card…


[ANALYSIS] Chase Sears Financial Voyage MasterCard

Even though Sears has been closing several of its stores down in the past 1-2 years, they still have a credit card that is worthy of another look. When you shop at Sears, you can join the loyalty program called Sears Club and earn points. Below are the highlights of the Chase Sears Financial Voyage MasterCard:


[ANALYSIS] Marriott Rewards

Since Chase Canada teamed up with Marriott Rewards with a 30,000 point sign up bonus (often up to 50,000) and first annual fee waived on its Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Card, it would be appropriate to breakdown the Marriott Rewards program. Marriott products include a wide variety. Below are the earning ratios at the various hotels.


[ANALYSIS] Best Buy Reward Zone

Black Friday may have passed in the United States, but Boxing Day is coming up in Canada and Best Buy is definitely one of the stores that customers like to go on that day. So it would only be fitting to write about the Best Buy Reward Zone program.

We previously gave a warning about the Chase Best Buy Reward Zone Visa about how they are the only Chase Canada credit card that does not waive its foreign transaction fee (granted there is no annual fee on this credit card). However, it would also be useful to break down the program to see how much value you can get.