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Comparing Canadian and U.S. Costco Credit Cards

After Costco dropped American Express as the exclusive accepted credit card at its retail stores, they took at MasterCard in Canada and Visa in the United States. Today, we will be comparing the two respective...

Costco Membership Fee Going UP

Effective June 1, 2017, Costco’s two membership levels are going up by $5 and $10 respectively. The new fees are as follows: Gold Star Membership increases from $55 to $60 Executive Membership increases...

Whether the Costco Executive Membership is Worth it

I am frequently asked whether the Costco Executive Membership is worth it compared to the regular Gold Membership, so I thought I’d calculate the break even point.  First of all, the Gold Star Membership...

[READER QUESTION] Using My Capital One MasterCard at U.S. Costco Stores

Recently, I have been questioned by a frequent Costco customer who travels between U.S. and Canada whether or not he is able to use his Capital One Platinum MasterCard in the U.S. The simple answer is...

Thinking About Changing up my Credit Card Strategy

The credit card industry in Canada appears to be changing very rapidly over the past 12 months and it is makes me wonder whether I should change my credit card strategy. Below are some of the most significant...

[READER QUESTION] Whether it is Worth Getting the Costco Executive Membership (expired on December 31, 2014)

For those of you who may not be aware, Costco has two levels of membership, Executive and Regular. Currently, there is a 1,500 Aeroplan sign up bonus promotion for Executive members ($110 annual fee),...

[ANALYSIS] Capital One Platinum MasterCard

Drum roll please… It looks like Capital One is the new winner to form a partnership with Costco, to replace American Express. This is actually very good news for consumers. It shows me that competition...

Costco to Switch from American Express to MasterCard

American Express already discontinued its credit card that was affiliated with Costco, so I guess it was only a matter of time before Costco stops accepting American Express all-together. The negotiations...

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