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Category: Chase Canada (Discontinued)

[READER QUESTION] What to do about the Low Canadian Dollar?

With the Canadian dollar continually hitting record new lows, I am beginning to hesitate whether it is completely worthwhile to make a major trip to the United States at the moment. Personally, when the...

Amazon.ca Increasing its Inventory to Include more Clothing

This is actually a very welcome addition. Amazon.ca wants to compete in the clothing business. This move is probably going to put some pressure on physical retail stores. Any time I read about added competition,...

Updates to the Chase Canada Website (updated April 15, 2015)

As mentioned in other posts, I have been watching movements to Chase Canada fairly closely. We recently has an update about the Apply Now button disappearing for three of its credit cards, the: Chase...

Updates to the Chase Canada Website (updated March 8, 2015)

Chase Canada has updated its website and taken off the Apply Now button to 2 more credit cards, in addition to the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Card. The Chase Best Buy Card and the Chase Future...

Thinking About Changing up my Credit Card Strategy

The credit card industry in Canada appears to be changing very rapidly over the past 12 months and it is makes me wonder whether I should change my credit card strategy. Below are some of the most significant...

[HOTEL] Credit Cards that Offer Elite Status

First of all, the number of co-branded hotel loyalty program credit cards are very limited. That being said, most of them do give some sort of benefit to help you gain elite status of help you accelerate...

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