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Top No Annual Fee Canadian Credit Cards

You may have noticed by now that we added a new page to our menu bar due to popular demand. Under Top Credit Cards, you will find Top No Annual Fee cards. You will probably notice that most of the listed cards are sprinkled between all the other categories. But now we have all of them in one page. Out of all the lists that we have, this might be the longest one. 

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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated May 1, 2019)

I have been debating how often I should update this post. I decided on 6 months, and it has been the latest trend anyway. There has been several changes (though mostly in the bottom half of the rankings) to the industry in that period of time to warrant an update anyway. Most significantly, it was time to include Brim Financial and Cuets.Every time I write up an update, I generally try to have a theme throughout the post. This time around, I am going to emphasis more on the gap between the rankings.Below are my personal rankings of each company, along with a commentary and a list of some of my top credit card picks for each financial institution.

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Top Credit Cards to Use on Road Trips (updated April 1, 2019)

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I usually try to update this post once a year, as we get into spring. Historically, I have updated this post in June, but it may be more useful to update it sooner. The Canadian credit card landscape has changed quite a bit over the past year, so this post was definitely due for an update.

For Canadians, road trips generally consist of cross country or cross boarder to the United States. Perhaps some people venture further into Mexico, but probably not much further south. So this post will focus on two portfolios to put together, for travel within Canada and for travel to the United States / Mexico.

[REVIEW] Rogers World Elite MasterCard

I must apologize for the delay in writing my review on the Rogers World Elite MasterCard, I was convinced that I already wrote the review until I noticed that I started getting several questions regarding the card, especially about the lounge access. Being a cardholder myself, I can also share my personal experience. Anyway, below is my review on the card.

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Top Credit Cards to Use on Road Trip (updated June 12, 2018)

As we approach the summer months, road trips become more popular. What you want to do is have a nice batch of credit cards to use to optimize spending during the trip. Depending on where you are going, you may want to consider a different grouping of cards.

As a Canadian, generally road trips will either be across Canada, into the United States and some even all the way to Mexico. So I will provide a sample of some of the combinations that can put together.

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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated May 1, 2018)

A few companies need to be added to this list, so I thought it was due for an update from 6 months ago. Most of the ranking changes occurred in the bottom half of the list. Furthermore, I also revamped the list to go with a pure ranking system instead of the previous grouping system. I think that it will run smoother now.

Below are my personal rankings of each company, along with a commentary and a list of some of my top credit card picks for each financial institution.

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Best Credit Cards for Foreign Purchases (updated March 3, 2018)

It was not long ago that I wrote this post, but already it is due for an update. I am happy to see that the Canadian credit card market has become more competitive on the foreign purchases front. More and more credit cards are either waiving the foreign transaction fee or offering a higher earning ratio on foreign purchases, which are the cards that I will be focusing on today.

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Best Credit Cards While Backpacking (updated February 26, 2018)

I cannot believe that it has been 3 and a half years since I last wrote a post about credit cards for backpackers. As you probably know, quite a bit has changed in the industry since then. There is no question that I am way overdue for a update on this post.

There are many reasons to go backpacking, but I think that we can mostly agree that part of the reason is to keep costs down so that we can travel for a more extended period of time. But just because we want to keep costs down, does not mean that we cannot also earn rewards along the

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Best Current First Year Fee Waived Cards for February 2018

We are back again with our monthly update on the first year fee waived credit cards list. Seems like the current trend is that most first year fee waivers are with fixed rewards or cash back. I really hope that this trend will shift at some point to see more airline and hotel (miles and points) promotions instead.

Note that we also have two other types of monthly lists going on:

Top Cash Back Credit Card Offers