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[DISCONTINUED] Chase Canada and Sears Canada Discontinuing its Partnership in 2015

This year, 2014, has been the year of discontinued products. In many of the cases, a credit card might still be available today, but disappear tomorrow without prior warning. In the following case, there is a 1 year warning. It looks like Chase Canada and Sears Canada will be terminating its partnership as of November 15, 2015, which was the original agreement. So there is still another year to go before its existing agreement expires.

I see multiple stories here though. First of all, Sears has already been hit very hard and has been closing stores all across the country. So this is just another blow to the company. Who knows what will happen next, maybe they will just partner up with another company or maybe they will just no longer offer their own credit card.

Chase Canada is also starting to take a hit, with Best Buy recently ending the Chase Best Buy Reward Zone Visa. So where does this leave Chase Canada? I really hope that they start some new partnerships soon, or else at this rate, the entire company might disappear from Canada altogether and I really hope not to see that happen.

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