[DISCONTINUED] Capital One Aspire Travel World Elite MasterCard

The last time we had a brutal year on credit card discontinuations was in 2014. I guess at some point, we were due for another one this year. It saddens me today to write about the Capital One Aspire Travel World Elite MasterCard has been discontinued, especially since I am a cardholder myself.

Accordingly to my contacts at Capital One, they provided me with the following:

  • As a result of changing market conditions, we will no longer be offering the Aspire Travel World Elite MasterCard to new customers. The evolving interchange environment has made this product unsustainable. There is no impact to existing customers at this time.

At least existing cardholders are grandfathered at the moment. However, if history repeats itself (which was a whole fiasco), they may end up cancelling grandfathered cardholders as well. I really hope that it will not be the case because I plan to hold the card as long as they allow me to.

Furthermore, I hope this means that Capital One has a plan to launch new products. In the meantime, below were the highlights of the Capital One Aspire Travel World Elite MasterCard:

  • $150 annual fee
  • Earn 40,000 sign up bonus points after spending $1,000 within the first 3 months
  • Earn 2 points for every $1 spent on all purchases


  1. Yeah I liked it a lot and used it for most of my important purchases because it had the best warranties and insurance on purchases… 🙁 I just literally bought a brand new laptop computer using it because I wanted to get the extended warranty.

    1. I’m just seeing this news. I need to be ready and prepared, should they decide to pull the plugs on us grandfathered holders. Is there any card one can start considering in lieu, if it ever happens they’re ungrandfathering existing holders? Thanks in advance.

  2. I just redeemed over $1000 in Capital One points against an upcoming trip we just paid for. Not going to let points accumulate anymore on this card. Earn and burn…just in case they outright cancel it. Maybe time to look at a new card for main spending…maybe time to fork out for the Amex Platinum.

    1. I don’t have any experience with discontinued credit cards yet. What usually happens when a credit card is discontinued? Do we lose all our points? Are the extended warranties for past purchases cancelled?

      1. Yes, you will lose all your points if your card is cancelled, because the points are used to credit your account. If you do not have an account, there is nothing to credit. However, this specific card is currently grandfathered, so if you are an existing cardholder, it is business as usual, unless you received a letter from Capital One saying that they are shutting down your card?

  3. I love this card too and just got my new card in the mail (my old one was expiring next month. Hope to use it for years to come. Thanks for the update!

  4. This time last year Capital one cancelled the IHG Mastercard which gave us elite status with IHG. Nothing has replaced it since.

  5. I talked to a Capital One rep and he said the points would never expire, even with a cancelled card. I’m grandfathered with the $120 annual fee and 10,000 yearly point bonus for this card, so I’m hoping to keep it as long as I can. I have no experience with a discontinued CC, so I’m not sure what to expect in April when my card expires.

  6. Geez, settle down folks. No points are disappearing, even if they cut this World Elite card for grandfathered cardholders. IF it even comes to that, they will migrate points over to a product they still have, such as the regular Aspire Travel Platinum. You will still have your points, but now at a 1% earn rate.

      1. Maybe I am missing something, but I don;t see the first year fee as “waived” on the link that is provided?

  7. Hi, just wondering what card you would recommend as an overall points collector? I would want to use it for travel and for everyday purchases. I don’t quite understand Avion but have heard it is good. Is it only good for travel purchases though? I have the Capital one World elite MC at the moment but looking at other options.

  8. So assuming this Aspire card stays in operation, are there any other cards out there offering anything close to what it does? I too am grandfathered in to the original card

  9. Why would you lose any points if this card is cancelled by capital. Stop fear mongering. What you are saying “Matt Lau” is utter nonsense

    1. God forbid, if Capital One ever completed shuts down grandfathered cards, they would probably cancel all our points as well. They should probably give us the chance to transfer our card and points to the no annual fee version, if it is still around by then. Either way, I am with you, let’s hope that it doesn’t come to this.

  10. Anyone notice that the redemption options for travel seem more limited? Transactions that used to be considered travel before now are not showing up for redemption? My account says no redemption options in the last 90 days (even though I have campgrounds and hotels on it) and it will no longer let me go further back than 90 days anymore.

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