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[ANALYSIS] Priority Pass

There over 600 different Priority Pass lounges located in over 300 cities and over 100 countries. There are different ways to obtain a priority pass. First of all, you can purchase it outright: (all amounts are in USD)

Standard Membership

  • $99 annual fee
  • $27 per visit as a member
  • $27 per visit for your guest

Standard Plus Membership

  • $249 annual fee
  • 10 free visits per year as a member
  • $27 per visit as a member, after your 10 free visits are used up
  • $27 per visit for your guest

Prestige Membership

  • $399 annual fee
  • Unlimited free visits as a member
  • $27 per visit for your guest

Furthermore, as an American Express Platinum cardholder, you will have a Priority Pass similar to the Prestige Membership.

The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite, TD Business Travel Visa, TD Platinum Travel Visa or TD Classic Travel Visa give a discount when you purchase a Priority Pass.

The BMO World Elite MasterCard gives you a Priority Pass similar to the Standard Plus Membership, but with only 4 free visits (instead of 10) per year.

The RBC Visa Infinite Card will give you a complimentary Priority Pass as well.

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