[INTERVIEW] Marriott Canada – Send us your Questions!

Next week we will be interviewing, Michelle Bozoki, the VP of Marketing at Marriott International, Canada.

Marriott just launched their new Fall MegaBonus promotion on September 1st, 2016. For the first time, Marriott is allowing its members to choose how they earn their rewards points with the new Choose Your Path initiative. Members can choose to either earn up to 10,000 bonus points for every 10 stays or 5,000 bonus points after their second stay. With this new program, members can earn up to 50,000 points which can be can be redeemed for frequent flyer miles, concerts, sporting events and more.

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions about Marriott’s Fall MegaBonus promotion or the Marriott Rewards program in general, simply write it in the comments section of this post. We will try and include as many as possible in our interview with Michelle Bozoki however due to limited time we will not be able to answer every question, so apologies in advance if your question is not picked. You can also include your name or your Twitter handle if you have one and you will be credited with your question (just let us know if you want to remain anonymous).

Please send in your questions by Sunday September 11th, 2016 as we will not be including any questions that are received after that date. Also please keep your questions respectful and relevant for everyone as they are more likely to be selected over others

Looking forward to reading your questions!


  1. As a Silver Elite member due to my Marriott Visa, I would like to see the annual renewal bonus certificate become more in tune with the now higher hotel category levels. Instead of the present category 1-5, please add the 6 so it will apply to more of the hotels it used to be usable for. Alternatively, allow us to use points or cash to upgrade this certificate.

  2. Not a question but a comment: I am an SPG Platinum. I like the SPG program the way it is. If the SPG program is folded into Marriott Rewards and disappears there is a very high likelihood I will choose another hotel loyalty program.

  3. Couple of questions:

    1) Will Marriott Rewards be merging with SPG program into one or will it be separate similar to Ritz program?

    2) How much of a say does Marriott have with Chase in addressing/enhancing the cards benefits such as the annual certificate which has become next to impossible to use over the last couple of years due to hotel category changes?

    3) Has Marriott explored the possibility of a airline partnership in Canada similar to the one they have with United?

  4. Just how bad are they going to screw SPG members? That’s the $1 question. As a coment on this.. I have already dumperd aeroplan and god for the lowest fligt anyshere… It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have to do this with hotels

  5. Will we see more renovations like the Calgary Marriott went through at other similar hotels? The Ottawa Marriott is in dire need of update and an M Club Lounge would be great.

    Also, as a Platinum, are we going to see any benefit enhancement over Golds beyond the welcome gift and booking policy (which I never use)?

  6. How bad will they devalue the SPG program? The Marriott Rewards redemption rates are highly non competitive by comparison unless you live in their hotels 365 days a year.

  7. Will Marriott and SPG be keeping their programs separate? If yes will points earned from one program be allowed to be used on the other program?

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