Introducing the Esso EXTRA PRIVILEGES Rewards Card

Currently with all the gas stations out there competing for the best prices, it was only a matter of time before we would see another brand make a move forward to take the lead in fuel savings. Esso introduces their new EXTRA PRIVILEGES fuel savings rewards card which maximizes your fuel benefits when you use it in link with your Esso Extra card.

This is how it works. First, you pick up an EXTRA PRIVILEGES fuel savings rewards card at an Esso location. Then link it to your Esso Extra card. This process will activate your EXTRA PRIVILEGES fuel savings rewards card, in which your first discount offers will be sent to you through email. Each time you fill up fuel, you will need to swipe your Esso Extra card and EXTRA PRIVILEGES card in the same transaction. You will then be presented with an offer, which will then give you the opportunity to earn more litres of discounted fuel; this may be making purchases at an Esso gas station. All offers earn fuel savings of 2.5 cents per litre based on a set amount of litres. This will be dependent on your offer.

Additionally, you can build the credit of fuel savings per litres on your EXTRA PRIVILEGES fuel savings rewards card and use it another time. However, please take note that the expiration date to redeem all credits on your EXTRA PRIVILEGES card is December 31, 2015.

The Esso EXTRA PRIVILEGES fuel savings rewards card is quite attractive if you are looking to pay a lower price per litre for fuel. In particularly, you can save up to $1.25 per 50 litres of fuel filled with the EXTRA PRIVILEGES card. Unfortunately, one downfall to the EXTRA PRIVILEGES fuel savings rewards card is that it cannot be used in accompaniment of the Aeroplan card, which means that you will have to choose one or the other based on your personal needs.

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  1. I got my first taste off what saveing money really meant when about 4 months ago I picked up an esso extra card at my favorite esso gas station thanks esso you did it again you do make your customers feel proud too be a esso member.

    1. Hi Reay,

      The card is activated through a link via email when you pick up your card an Esso location. Thanks for reading our post!

  2. My card was sent to me and I stupidly threw away the accompanying letter as It was not clear what I had to do to activate it. I understood I had to go to an esso station to activate it and when I did they told me to do it on line. Please advise me what to do at this point.

  3. il n’y a pas de numéro sur la carte extra privilège, donc je rentre quel numéro pour l’activer….rien ne marche

    1. C’est bizarre… tu peux nous envoyer une photo de ta carte extra privilège par courriel pour qu’on puisse voir quel est le problème.

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