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[LOUNGE] List of Credit Cards that Give Unlimited Lounge Access (updated October 26, 2014)

When you are waiting for your flight, especially during a flight delay, having access to airport lounges is a great luxury to have. However, lounge access can be quite expensive, so if you already have a credit card that gives you lounge access, then I would definitely take advantage of such a perk. Some credit cards only give you a limited number of pass passes, but below is a list of credit cards that give you unlimited lounge access for being a cardholder:

American Express Platinum Card

  • $699 annual fee
  • $175 annual fee for supplementary cardholders
  • Access to the Canadian Platinum Lounge Benefit
  • Access to the Airport Club Program

Participating Canadian Platinum Lounge Benefit may vary from time to time. To access a lounge, you must show your credit card along with an airline ticket for same day travel, as well as a government issued photo identification. Furthermore, the cardholder can also bring his or her spouse and 2 children (under the age of 21) or one travel companion into the lounge as guests for free! The guest accompanying the cardholder must show a valid airline ticket for same day travel, as well as a government-issued photo identification to access the lounge.

In terms of the Airport Club Program, the cardholder must present his or her credit card, a government-issued identification, as well as a same day corresponding airline ticket to the lounge agents.

It also seems as though supplementary cardholders also get the same lounge benefit.

American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum Card

  • $499 annual fee
  • $199 annual fee for supplementary cardholders
  • Access to Maple Leaf Lounges

Space is limited in Maple Leaf Lounges, so it is pretty much first come first serve on that day. Cardholders must present their credit card and his or her same-day departing ticket on an Air Canada, Air Canada Express, Air Canada codeshare or Star Alliance flight to get access to a Maple Leaf Lounge. Cardholders can bring guests at a fee, pending space availability. Unfortunately, supplementary cardholders do not receive lounge access.


As you can see from the list above, it is slim pickings in Canada, which also means that the room for competition is wide open. I hope to see some financial institutions step up their game to compete with American Express.


  1. Both of the above cards also offer access to priority pass membership (you have to call in and request it) which provides lounge access all over the world.

    The difference is the Aeroplan Platinum version of the priority pass costs $27 for you and $27 for each guest each time you use it.

    The Platinum Card version of the priority pass includes unlimited use for you AND a guest.

    Also for the supplemental card on the Aeroplan Platinum, you can get the supplemental as a gold (with no Maple Leaf Lounge Access) or as a Platinum (with Maple Leaf Lounge access). The Platinum supplemental card just costs more than the gold.

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