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[ANALYSIS] Sens MBNA Rewards MasterCard

As a big fan of the Ottawa Senators, every season I try my best to make it out to a few of their home games. If you’re a big hockey fan and haven’t had the opportunity to check out one of Senators’ live games, this is definitely a highlight you don’t want to miss out on. I was completely enticed by the loud music, passionate audience, and close-up play; consequently, my eyes were locked on the players and game play all night.

During their regular season, the Canadian Tire Centre would open up display stands to promote the new Sens MBNA Rewards MasterCard. I’ll be honest here, the thought of having a logo of your favourite hockey team was the first thing that attracted me to this credit card. The credit card itself doesn’t really hold too many benefits that would apply to me, or anyone else for that matter, unless you’re a huge hockey fan. I say this because the Sens MBNA Rewards Mastercard allows you to earn 1 MBNA rewards point for every $1 you spend in purchase transactions which are eligible to the card. These points can then be used to redeem exclusive Ottawa Senators merchandise. If you’re a big Ottawa Senators fan, then this is a big score for you. I’d like to clarify that although I’m a big Ottawa Senators fan, I’d like to collect my points and use them for something a bit more practical.

However, this credit card isn’t completely a downfall. If you’re planning to sign up, you can immediately receive 1000 bonus points to be used towards the hockey team’s merchandise. In addition, you will receive another 1000 bonus points following that on the day of your anniversary each year. For me, this wasn’t the catch. The catch for this one is the bonus gift they give you once you sign up at one of the vendors they set up outside the stadium of the Canadian Tire Centre. This includes your choice of an Ottawa Senators t-shirt (black or red), blanket, or handkerchief. These gifts are suggested to be valued at $20 to $30 CDN so it’s definitely worth getting your hands on them, especially since there is no annual fee.

On a side note, MNBA doesn’t seem to have any records of your initial sign-up, so you can sign up for the card for as many times as you wish and receive the bonus gift each time. Just remember to not activate the card once you’ve received it in the mail. For Toronto Maple Leaf fans, there’s a similar card released by Scotiabank. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the Sens MBNA Mastercard because you’ll be locked into one single retailer when redeeming rewards. If you love the team, sign up and keep a copy of the card as a souvenir.

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