Air Canada Completes Acquisition of Aeroplan

It’s official. Aimia (owner of Aeroplan) is now sold to Air Canada for approximately $497 million (Press releases: Air Canada, Aimia).

Deep down inside, I had still hoped that the deal would fall through, because I was excited for all the initiatives that Aeroplan was planning in my interview with their CEO, for life after Air Canada. I really wanted to see Aeroplan compete with Air Canada, as competition is usually a positive for consumers.


[INTERVIEW] Reader Questions Answered – By Jeremy Rabe, CEO, Aimia

Today, we feature Jeremy Rabe, the CEO of Aimia (owner of Aeroplan) who has answered as many of the questions asked by our readers as they could. Thank you Jemery for taking the time to answer all the questions. We really appreciate it and look forward to all the new Aeroplan initiatives!

Pointshogger: So tell us more about this new Porter Airlines arrangement
JR: We’re very excited about this partnership and the other preferred arrangements we’ve announced to take effect in July 2020    These preferred relationships help us to further differentiate and strengthen our air offering come July 2020 by giving members increased flexibility and great value.


Aeroplan Adds Budget Car Rental Award Booking

Aeroplan has added a new reward car rental redemption partner. Members can now redeem for Budget car rentals online. Avis has already been available.


Budget has over 3,000 rental locations in Canada, US, Latin America, and Europe. As an added bonus, members can currently earn 100 miles every time they redeem for a Budget car rental.

Here is a screen shot of a 1 week car rental:

Ban on Expiry of Loyalty Miles and Points Has Passed in Ontario

It took some time to digest this information, as I can’t actually believe that the government has decided to step in to regulate loyalty programs. Not only that, this bill passed unanimously. Did they open pandora’s box? Are loyalty programs really going to sit there and let the government push them around like this?

Grant this is not the first time that the Ontario government stepped in to regulate the industry. In 2007, they also banned expiration dates on gift cards.