Cyber Monday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Deals for Canadians

It’s Black Friday and there are deals everywhere as we wish our neighbours in the United States and Happy Thanksgiving! In recent years, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been combined into a long weekend of unbelievable discounts assisting our needs into the holiday season.

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Credit Cards to Use on Cyber Monday

Though Cyber Monday was really a marketing term originating from the United States, the marketing use of the term expanded to other countries including Canada. Basically on the Monday following the US Thanksgiving, you can find good deals by making purchases online. So today, I will recommend some of the top credit cards to use for making purchases on Cyber Monday.

First of all, if you already have the U.S. currency credit cards issued by Canadian financial institutions, I would use these credit cards for purchases made at U.S. online sites for sure. The Canadian dollar is extremely weak, so if you have U.S. dollars already available to pay off these bills, that you previously converted at a more favourable rate than today, then these are the cards to use: