Miles and Points

My Miles and Points Strategy Going Forward

With so much negativity out there about the coronavirus, I will try my best to keep things positive. When things are down, I can tell you that one thing I do right away is to plan a strategy to anticipate the changes that can occur. 

With travel coming almost to a halt for at least the short term, the question of what my strategy should be going forward has been on my mind non-stop over the past few weeks. I touched on this topic a couple of day ago when I tried to answer the question about whether it makes more sense to switch to a cash back portfolio when it comes to earning rewards. I would like to dig a little deeper into this topic.

What to do in a Declining Miles and Points Industry

It’s no secret that it feels like the industry is tightening its belt as the economy recovers. Fewer churning options, lower sign up bonus offers, less first year fee waived opportunities. It’s so easy to write things thoughts and ideas. The hard part is to focus on the positives. So let’s get some negatives out of the way first, so that we can have a more positive post:


[INTERVIEW] Founds of Canadian Points University (YVR-2016)

During the #PointsuYVR after party at the Hyatt Regency Presidential Suite in Vancouver, BC, we had a chance to do a candid interview with the founders of Canadian Points University, Boris Remes and Jason Binstock, on how they jumpstarted this event together and their thoughts on the successes of the 1st miles and points conference in Canada.