British Airways (Executive Club – Avios)

Rundown of British Airways Executive Club for Canadians (updated February 19, 2019)

For Canadians, after Air Canada’s frequent flyer program, Aeroplan, I would say, British Airways’ Executive Club Avios miles are the most accessible to earn through is various credit card partners. There years where I actually earn more Avios and Aeroplan miles depending on what offers are available. 

Expiry Policy
As usual, let’s start with their expiry policy, as this is generally a deal breaker for me on whether I will put more energy towards a specific program. Fortunately, Executive Club offers one of the best frequent flyer program expiry policies. Your miles stay active so long as you have an activity once every 36 months. This is much more generous than the 12 or 24 months that we generally see with other programs.


Rundown of British Airways Executive Club for Canadians (updated February 7, 2018)

In Canada, after Aeroplan, I would say, British Airways’ Executive Club Avios are the easiest miles to collect without flying. Canadian financial institutions offer a wide range of options to earn Avios. Personally I have an Executive Club account and I rack up most of my Avois through transfer partners and taking advantage of transfer bonuses (see below).

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30% Transfer Bonus from RBC Rewards to British Airways Executive Club

Not quite the 50% that I was hoping for, but still glad to see some transfer bonus still alive. RBC Rewards is currently offering a 30% transfer bonus to British Airways Executive Club.

This offer, which runs between November 15, 2017 to December 31, 2017, is only valid to RBC Avion cardholders, not just any RBC Rewards credit card. Valid credit cards are as follow

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American Express Membership Rewards 25% Avios Transfer Bonus

It has been 18 months since the last time we saw an American Express Membership Rewards transfer bonus to British Airways’ Executive Club. Personally, I thought that we would never see a transfer bonus like this again from American Express, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a 25% transfer bonus. 

Transfer bonuses are my favourite way to boost my loyalty accounts. 

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Comparing Canada, British and USA Executive Club Credit Cards

If you have been following my series, I have mostly been comparing similar Canada versus US based credit cards. Today, I think that it will be fun to add a third country in the mix. I will be writing about the British Airways, Executive Club co-branded credit cards. Below are the 4 credit cards that we will be comparing. Also, it is only fitting as the Canadian and US cards are offering a higher than normal sign up bonus.

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50% RBC Rewards Conversion Bonus to British Airways’ Executive Club is BACK!

I thought we’d be stuck with the 30% RBC conversion bonus for the foreseeable future. I really did not expect to see the 50% bonus back again. The last time it was offered was back in the summer of 2015. I am more than happy to find out that I was wrong about this. This is a very pleasant surprise with RBC and Executive Club.