British Airways (Executive Club – Avios)

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Converting Esso Extra to Airline Miles

You probably see a lot of advertisement about the Esso Extra program. Lots of hype goes into the Esso Privileges card. However, there is actually a pretty net way of converting your Esso Extra points into airline miles and get more value. It requires a 2 step process though.

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[AIRLINE] Expiration Policies (updated on February 20, 2016)

I think that we are due for an update for airline expiration policies, as a few of them have changed recently. I have only listed frequent flyer programs that have a direct way of earning miles with them in Canada. You can always keep these accounts active with co-share or alliance member partners.

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Which Frequent Flyer Program to use in Each Respective Regions of Canada

Often times, I am asked which airline frequent flyer program to accrue. My answer has always been the same, it depends on which region of the country that you live. Depending on which part of the country you live in, there are different airline hubs and concentrations.


Earn 50,000 Bonus Avios with the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite (expired on November 15, 2015)

Royal Bank is offering a 50,000 sign up bonus Avios promotion with its British Airways Visa Infinite card. This is actually very exciting to see. That being said, the conditions may seem a little steep for some as we take a look at the highlights of the credit card:

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[PROMOTION] 25% Transfer Bonus from American Express to British Airways Avios

It took a while, but American Express Membership Rewards is finally offering a transfer bonus! You can now receive a 25% bonus when you transfer Membership Reward points to British Airways Executive Club for Avios points.

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Top Loyalty Programs in Canada (updated on May 13, 2015)

Most of my information will be based on our page entitled: How Much are Points Worth? That being said, often times, we may want to concentrate our efforts with specific loyalty programs because we only have so much time in a day….