American Express (AMEX)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the ladies, I hope that you enjoy this day, whether you have a significant other or just spending time with family or friends. I must say, this is also a good time to travel since it is fairly cold in Canada at this time of the year. For the men, there is probably not much to say about this day except “stress”?

For the ones paying for the bill, the main thing to remember is which credit card to use at a restaurant. Here is a quick recap on the top 3 credit cards:

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[DISCONTINUED] American Express ChoicePlus Card

I just sneaked in my application a few days before the American Express ChoicePlus and American Express Choice Cards were cancelled. I am a big fan of the American Express Membership Rewards program because it gives you flexible and transferable rewards. Below were the highlights of each card:

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Top Credit Cards for Purchasing Gas (updated January 28, 2014)

Since I’ve been on the road quite a bit the last few weeks, I saw that my gas bill is higher than normal, so I wanted to make sure that I maximize the number of points I earn each time I fill up.

First of all, I generally focus my purchases at Esso, Shell or Petro-Canada, because they all have a loyalty program associated with them. Between the three, I generally choose the one who will offer the lowest price and then fill up there. If they all have the same price, I give priority to Esso so that I can pile up my Aeroplan account because I value those points the most.