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Current 10% and Above Cash Back Offers for October 2022

For this month, the Tangerine extended their offer till mid November. The HSBC offers are up next to expiry. Lastly, the American Express SimplyCash Preferred Card is now taken off the permanent offers. The is another reminder that permanent offers can be terminated at any point in time, versus temporary offers that have a known expiry date.

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Top Credit Card Higher than Normal Sign Up Bonuses for October 2022

For this month’s list, most of the TD offers were extended to the beginning of January, while most of the RBC offers were pushed till the end of October. The HSBC offers are coming to an end before next month’s list, so if you have been contemplating signing up, now is as good as time as any to go for them. Furthermore National Bank added two new offers that expire in January. 

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Best Current First Year Fee Waived Cards for September 2022

For this month, the Scotiabank and TD extended their offers. 

Limited Time First Year Fee Waived Offers

We have listed the cards based on their promotional expiry dates, categorised by month. If there is a tie-break, it is ranked by annual fee (lowest to highest), after which it will go alphabetically.

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Current 10% and Above Cash Back Offers for August 2022

For this round, the two Tangerine card offers end the month. Also, the CIBC permanent 10% sign up bonus cash back offer has discontinued, so they were taken off this list.

Keep in mind that we still have the Top Cash Back Credit Cards page, which includes permanent and temporary offers if you wish to see a more complete list of cards, not just cards that offer at least 10% cash back.