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What I would like to see in the Air Canada Purchase of Air Transat

As you probably know, I have rarely written about Air Transat, due to a bad experience (which I got a lot of heat for). But a more relevant reason is because they do not have any loyalty programs associated with it. And the theme of our site is “maximizing rewards for Canadians”. All that may change once the full agreement passes. Until then, we can only speculate what will happen. I was actually quite surprised to find out that Air Canada wanted to purchase Air Transat, since Air Transat is considered more of a low cost, charter airline. So what value would it bring to Air Canada, other than buying out the competition, like how Air Canada bought out Canadian Airlines back in 2000. 

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[READER QUESTION] Are Airline Flight Passes Worth It?

I have been asked this question many times by Pointshogger readers: “Whether airline flight passes are worth it?” The short answer is, it depends. Flight Passes are a prepaid package of one-way flight credits used for travel within a selected geographic zone,…