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Class Action Against Airlines Over Vouchers Instead of Refunds

It did not take long for the lawsuits to come in. We wrote a post a few days ago about the Canadian Transportation Agency saying that airlines are not required to refund passengers. This has become a heated...

AIR MILES Partners with Uber Eats and Door Dash

There seems to be a movement across the country, for Canadians to find ways to support local businesses and restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis. Air Miles has teamed up with Uber Eats and Door Dash...

New Domestic Air and Rail Screening Measures

Seems like things change on a daily basis. Sometimes, it even feels hour by hour. Starting tomorrow, new measures are being taken by airlines and trains to screen people before they are able to travel....

Government Quarantines People with COVID-19 in Hotels

Disclaimer: The point of this post is to keep the idea more open-ended so that more people (government, hospitals, saving jobs, infected people, etc.) can benefit. If you do not think that this is a good...

CTA Says Airlines Not Required to Refund Passengers

UPDATE- As mentioned by one of the comments below, please note that the CTA’s position is not legally binding, it is what they are “saying” at the moment. The problem is even though the...

Is it Time for a New Credit Card?

Pointshogger reader, Danielle, from Fintel Connect, sent us a very relevant question: “Is this the time for a new credit card?”  We will respond to this with a short and long answer below....

There has to be Something Else to Write About!

Hey Everyone, I hope that everyone is safe at home. We are writing this post in a letter format hoping that it feels a little more personable. With the travel industry coming to a virtual halt and daily...

COVID-19 Updates for Canadians

We created a tab on the menu bar for the most recent COVID-19 updates on as many relevant loyalty programs that affect Canadians.  Since the page will be continually updated, you may not see a snap shot...

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