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Matt has been an avid points collector since 1992 (an elementary school student), when his dad signed up for the new (at the time) Air Miles program. Since then, Matt took a keen interest in learning how the miles and points world works. He quickly found out that there is a lot of value in leveraging miles and points to fund his passion for travelling.

Happy Canada Day! Mid-Term Report

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

At this halfway point of the year, we now publish our mid-term report card of the New Year’s Day wish list. The final report comes out on New Year’s Eve. To be fair, all wishes have the goal of being a win/win/win scenario for everyone: “loyalty company, credit card company and customer”. In some cases it is just win/win because one party is not involved; for example a credit card company who offers in-house loyalty program with the customer as the other party.

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My Best Points Earning Experience

Today, I would like to share my best, one time, points earning experience ever. This event actually occurred before Pointshogger was even created. The reason I say that is because it makes it even more impressive, in hindsight, considering I have yet to be able to top it. This one time transaction can easily be duplicated even today and it’s not even a loophole, so no harm done to anyone.

[INTERVIEW] Moe Ghafari, Founder and CEO of Pointsgram

[INTERVIEW] Moe Ghafari, Founder and CEO of Pointsgram

I am Moe, the founder and CEO of Pointsgram. With over 20 years of experience in the technology sector and active involvement in the local community, I’ve always pondered: How can we infuse more technology into our local economy to foster its growth and promote sustainability? After engaging with over 100 local shops and understanding their challenges, I’ve made it my mission to launch a tech-based company with three primary goals:


Thoughts on Lynx Air Demise – No Refunds

At the beginning of the year, I predicted that we will see more competition within the Canadian airline industry. We are clearly not off to a good start.

Only a week or two ago, there was news that discount carriers Flair Airlines (“Flair”) and Lynx Air (“Lynx”) were in merger talks. Fast forward to today, Lynx airlines will cease operations tomorrow (February 26, 2024). Seems like they were unable to come to an agreement to make it work. I was really hoping that they could make it work as it was going to be a long shot for both to coexist in Canada at the same time. Pulling resources actually made a lot of sense to have one stronger discount airline. Looks like Lynx was too much of a lost cause of Flair to merge with.

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List of Airline Alliances (updated February 3, 2024)

It has been a year and a half since our last update to this post. A few minor changes (mostly deletions) occurred since then.

Airline alliances are extremely valuable when trying pool miles and points on one airline. Such partnerships allow us to earn miles with our favourite frequent flyer program without actually having to fly with that airline.