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Matt has been an avid points collector since 1992 (an elementary school student), when his dad signed up for the new (at the time) Air Miles program. Since then, Matt took a keen interest in learning how the miles and points world works. He quickly found out that there is a lot of value in leveraging miles and points to fund his passion for travelling.
Pointshogger Refreshed! Almost 10 years later, what’s next?

Pointshogger Refreshed! Almost 10 years later, what’s next?

We are closing in on our 10 year anniversary in the fall of this year. I cannot believe what a journey it has been. There are days when I feel like we just got started.

We are looking at different ways to celebrate this year’s anniversary. First up, we refreshed our site, hoping that it will be more user-friendly.

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Best Current First Year Fee Waived Cards for March 2023

We are back this month with the top first year fee waived promotions. See the commentary under each credit card for more thoughts on each offer.

Limited Time First Year Fee Waived Offers

We have listed the cards based on their promotional expiry dates, categorised by month. If there is a tie-break, it is ranked by annual fee (lowest to highest), after which it will go alphabetically.

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Current 10% and Above Cash Back Offers for March 2023

We are back again with another month of top credit cards currently offering at least a 10% cash back bonus promotion. There are many other cash back offers out there too, but because the market is very competitive now, so only the 10% and above offer make it to our monthly list.

Keep in mind that we still have the Top Cash Back Credit Cards page for a more complete list of cards.


Rundown of Journie Rewards (March 14, 2023)

Chevron, Ultramar and Pioneer have teamed up to offer a loyalty program called Journie Rewards. The program allows members to earn points when spending money at their gas stations. Today, we will provide an update to our last post, as there have been a few changes since then.


WestJet’s Takeover of Sunwing Moving Forward

WestJet’s purchase of Sunwing has been in the works for a couple of years now. It is now taking a step forward as the Canadian Federal Government WestJet gave their stamp of approval that moves them closer. There is still some work to be done, but this is as major milestone.

Today, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on this potential merger. Let’s discuss this from the perspective of each airline.