Membership Rewards (American Express)


[ANALYSIS] Whether the American Express Gold Rewards Card is Worth to Keep Beyond the First Year

I was going through my credit cards portfolio and I was debating whether to keep the American Express Gold Rewards Card beyond the first year. My initial thought was to cancel as I get closer to the renewal date because the $150 annual fee is quite steep. But with the possibility of American Express clamping down on churning credit cards, I decided to give this a closer look. Here are the highlights of the credit card:

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[DISCONTINUED] American Express ChoicePlus Card

I just sneaked in my application a few days before the American Express ChoicePlus and American Express Choice Cards were cancelled. I am a big fan of the American Express Membership Rewards program because it gives you flexible and transferable rewards. Below were the highlights of each card:

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The Importance of Diversification

One strategy that many have implemented is to pool all their points into one loyalty program so that they have more points to redeem for something more significant. In today’s post, I will discuss the pros and cons of having fewer loyalty programs versus many programs.

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[ANALYSIS] RBC Cathay Pacific VISA Platinum

Before going into depth about this credit card, I would like to point out that Cathay Pacific is a member of the Oneworld alliance, which means that any points that you accumulate with this airline, you can use to redeem on any of its member partners. Airlines that are members of an alliance makes their loyalty points that much more valuable because it gives you so much more flexibility when looking for award bookings. With Cathay Pacific flights, you earn Asia Miles points.

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[ANALYSIS] American Express Platinum Card

If there is one absolute best Canadian travel credit card out there, the American Express Platinum Card might be it. The catch is, it is only the best credit card if you maximize all the perks. This card earns you Membership Rewards points that do not expire so long as you have a credit card that collects Membership Rewards. Here are the highlights of the card:


[ANALYSIS] American Express Gold Rewards Card

American Express has a promotion for 25,000 membership rewards points sign up bonus. This is the highest sign up bonus ever for the American Express Gold Rewards Card.

It does not specify when this promotion will expire, so now is the time to get this card. Keep in mind that this is a charged card, so you have to pay off your balance right away, there will not be a minimum payment option available. The highlights of the credit card are as follows: