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Canada May Invoke Emergencies Act to Limit Pandemic Travel

Today’s post was triggered by a report from CBC: Garneau won’t rule out invoking Emergencies Act to limit pandemic travel. Note that we recently wrote a post entitled: Update on Canadian Travel...

Update on Canadian Travel Restrictions

See also travel policy: Updates We continue to add to our collection of posts related to the current travel restrictions. Our last post was back in November 2020, but there have been several significant...

Air Canada Teams up with Virgin Australia

Air Canada is already a member of Star Alliance. However, on the side, they have been adding other code-share partners. Just in 2020, they launched 4 new partnerships: Etihad, Azul, Vistara, and Air Serbia. Now...

[READER QUESTION] Thoughts on Airline Cash Refunds (Props to Flair Airlines)

Today’s post was inspired by one of our readers who suggested that we write more posts regarding the following idea: “Let’s get a bit bold and post articles making airlines accountable for...

Receive Up to $1,000 During a 14-Day Quarantine?

There seems to be so little news reports (CTV) on this matter, but I thought I’d bring it up. The short version of the story is that Canadians who are coming back to Canada and forced into a 14-day...

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