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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated September 8, 2017)

It has been 4 months since the last time I updated this list, so it is probably due for an update (especially since we are adding a new company to the list!) as we approach the last third of the year. Last year was a strong year for credit cards, so I anticipated a slow year in 2017.

I always have fun ranking the credit card companies out there. It helps me get an idea on which companies are making progress and which ones are regressing.

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My Updated Credit Card Portfolio

This question of which credit card do I have in my wallet seems to be asked fairly often. So I thought I would share my updated portfolio from last time. I generally try to shake up my batch of credit cards every 3 months, which coincides with the previous post.

Last time, I mentioned that I wanted to keep my portfolio, but it was due for an expansion.

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Top Credit Cards to Use on Road Trip (updated June 20, 2017)

I have been on the road quite a bit for the past month; thus, the slowdown on posts. Since I have been on the road so much, I thought it would be a great time to update the list of top credit cards to for road trips.

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A lot has changed since I last created this list, so there will be lots of updates.

Comparing Capital One Aspire versus Venture Card

Capital One used to be my favourite credit card company, especially when they still has the Delta SkyMiles and IHG Rewards co-branded credit cards. They really slimmed down their credit card portfolio in Canada. Today, we are going to discuss their most premium credit card that they offer and compare it to a similar one in the United States.

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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated May 1, 2017)

It has been exactly 6 months since the last time I updated this list. The reason is because there has been very little movement until the past two months, where there were quite a few changes in the credit card industry that warrants an update to the rankings. Last year was a strong year for credit cards, so I assumed that 2017 would be a slow down year anyway. Unfortunately, most of the changes so far to the industry have been negative. Companies that moved down the list is because of a negative change. The ones that moved up is due to the downfall of the other companies.

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Current Credit Card Strategy

I have been asked this question fairly often, so I think that I am due for writing a post about my current credit card strategy.

First off, I would like to go on record saying that my main goal has always been to bring my credit card bills down to zero. Any time I can find ways (not an easy feat) to reduce my costs, that is my highest priority. The goal is to keep my overall total monthly credit card bills to under $1,000 per month for a family of 3 and a business, which has been working out (minus a one time home renovation bill)!

Capital One Tips on Protecting Against Credit Card Fraud

Capital One Canada has reached out to me to share a research that they conducted on credit card fraud. This has become a very sensitive topics in recent years, so Brent Reynolds, Managing Vice President of Capital One Canada, also provided some tips below on how you can better protect your personal information.

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Comparing Canadian and U.S. Costco Credit Cards

After Costco dropped American Express as the exclusive accepted credit card at its retail stores, they took at MasterCard in Canada and Visa in the United States. Today, we will be comparing the two respective co-branded Costco credit cards available.

Both cards require the cardholder to be an existing Costco member to qualify. Furthermore, in both cases, the cash back is received once per year in the form of a Costco certificate (or rebate coupon).

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Top Credit Cards to use at Restaurants (updated January 14, 2017)

We are exactly 1 month away from Valentine’s Day. One of the biggest expenses on that day is the restaurant bill. With one month away, you should have enough time to sign up for a credit card to help you optimize your rewards on that day. This list is due for an update anyway.