Cash Back

Time for Cash Back?

The longer this pandemic (COVID-19) drags on, the more some people may be wondering whether they should take a pause with earning airline miles or hotel points. So what’s the alternative? Cash Back?

If you are thinking about constructing a cash back portfolio, there are some options to work with in Canada. I am going to provide a general strategy.

With Travel Grounded, Time to Switch to Cash Back?

It’s been a while since I last posted, part of it was because of my busy schedule, but a bigger part of it is that I have had trouble finding a topic to write about. The reason I had trouble finding a topic to write about is because I am personally re-thinking my travel strategy. Which brought me back to when Pointshogger was founded. I have always said that Pointshogger is about “maximising rewards for Canadians”. What does that really mean?


Another Shift in the Miles and Points Industry

As we wind down a strong credit card sign up bonus year, there may be a possible shift in the industry.

Avery from DCTA recently wrote a post about How Ontario’s New Law Could Ruin it All, along with my post Ban on Expiry of Loyalty Miles and Points Has Passed in Ontario. I think it’s safe to say that we are both worried about devaluations coming down hard. Which means that we may need to change up our strategy again.

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Top Current Cash Back Credit Cards

Whenever miles and points take a beating, there is a lot of talk about signing up for the top cash back credit cards instead. Below, I have classified the top cash back credit cards according to the credit card company and then by annual fees (starting with lowest to highest).

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Building a Cash Back Credit Card Portfolio

There have been a slew of credit cards being discontinued in Canada. The trend seems to be co-branded credit cards. So now I am wondering if it would make sense to shift towards a cash back credit card portfolio rather than focusing so much on earning miles and points.

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Top Credit Card for Purchasing Groceries (updated on April 7, 2014)

We previously wrote a post about Top Credit Card for Purchasing Gas. Today, we will focus on groceries.

Our grocery bill is probably one of the higher monthly bills that we pay. Luckily for us, there are several credit cards out there that offer a great return for grocery purchases. Just remember that every credit card company has a different list of which stores qualify for groceries. So be sure to know which stores are on the list.

Here is a list of the top credit cards:


[ANALYSIS] CIBC Dividend Unlimited World Elite MasterCard vs. American Express Gold Cash Back Credit Card

American Express recently came out with a new cash back credit card. Below is a comparison with the CIBC cash credit card. The highlights of each respect credit card are as follows:


[ANALYSIS] Best Laurentian Bank Credit Cards

Last time, we wrote about the top credit card at one of the more low profile banks, HSBC Canada. This time around, we’re looking at another low profile bank, Laurentian bank, to see if there is a hidden gem. The Laurentian bank website is definitely not user-friendly at all, but I managed to rumble through the site to figure out what types of products they offer.