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Current 10% Cash Back Portfolio for January 2021

It seems like cash back credit cards have really come into their own in Canada and there are lots of cash to be had. So today, we are going to give a try to a new monthly post idea, regarding credit cards that offer at least 10% cash back.

We were will be listing the 10% or more cash back offers on a monthly basis by splitting them into 2 categories, permanent and temporary offers.

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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated December 1, 2020)

It has been 8 months since our last update. Can you believe it, 8 months ago we were already dealing with lockdowns.

Suffice to say, there has been some major changes to the industry since then, namely, Capital One slowly shutting things down, along with Aeroplan’s launch of new co-branded cards. Even so, you will notice most of the ranking changes from the middle to the end of the list. 

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Comparing American Express, CIBC and TD Infinite Business Cards

We continue our series on comparing Aeroplan credit cards that were introduced to the market on November 8, 2020. Today’s post focuses on all the business cards. Unlike our previous comparison posts, where we picked similar cards to look it, this post has a wider range of annual fee.

I went ahead with this post anyway as there are only 3 co-branded Aeroplan business cards to compare overall anyway. You can technically count the CIBC Business Plus card as a 4th one, but it depends on the type of business to qualify for that card, so for the purposes of this post, I will only include 3, but mention how the Plus card works too.

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Comparing American Express, CIBC and TD Infinite Privilege/Reserve Cards

We continue our series on comparing Aeroplan credit cards that were introduced to the market on November 8, 2020. Today’s post focuses on the more premium personal cards. The most recent comparative post was: AMEX vs. CIBC vs. TD Aeroplan Platinum/Privilege Cards.

American Express has discontinued its Platinum version of the card, so the Reserve card is the closest comparison to the CIBC and TD Visa Infinite Privilege versions.

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Comparing American Express, CIBC and TD Aeroplan/Infinite Cards

Time really does fly. It’s been almost 4 years since I wrote this post: AMEX vs. CIBC vs. TD Aeroplan Gold/Infinite Cards. I reference that post because those Aeroplan co-branded cards are the closest comparisons to the current new co-branded Aeroplan cards. I will be writing another post regarding the business cards and the reserve/privilege cards too. I will be starting with the more commonly accessible cards offered by the 3 companies first and go from there.


American Express Canada Unveils More Details on New Aeroplan Cards

We have had plenty of hints on new changes to the Aeroplan co-branded cards. Today, American Express (AMEX) has released more details on the new co-branded Aeroplan cards it will be offering from November 8, 2020 onward.

The most notable enhancement is the 3x the Aeroplan points on Air Canada purchases. Furthermore, AMEX released its new designs too:

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Changes to Aeroplan Co-Branded Cards

In Canada, we are fortunate enough to have 3 credit card companies who have partnered up with Air Canada to offer co-branded credit cards. Since Air Canada has bought out Aeroplan, the plan, at the moment, is for all 3 companies to continue offering such cards, with some changes. The expectation is that the launch of these changes will occur on November 8, 2020, along with a host of other changes to the revamped Air Canada frequent flyer program.

See also: Preview of Top 3 Features of Air Canada’s Revamped Aeroplan Program

Today’s post will preview some of the changes that we can expect to see. Some details still need to worked out, so we will be watching closely. 


[INTERVIEW] American Express Canada about Shop Small Campaign

We are back with our increasing popular interview series. Today we are interviewing Vanessa Crooker from American Express Canada who will share more thoughts with us about the new Shop Small campaign. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Vanessa, we appreciate your time! 

Q: Please tell us about yourself. What is your role with American Express Canada (AMEX)?

I’m Vanessa Crooker, the Vice President of Merchant Marketing at American Express Canada. In my role, I’m responsible for leading a team that focuses on engaging our network of Merchants.

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Ranking the Credit Card Portfolios of Each Canadian Financial Institutions (updated April 1, 2020)

It has been almost a year since we last updated this post, so no question this was due for an update. The reason why I waited so long is because there are very few changes to the rankings since then. However, there was a sufficient amount of changes to the industry to warrant an update. Most of the ranking movement occurred in the bottom third of the list. Furthermore, another common theme on this list is that the gap widen between some of the positions.

Every time I update the rankings, I have an overall theme throughout the post. For today’s post, the focus was on internal changes made by each financial institution which justify their position in the rankings.