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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Deals for Canadians

It’s Black Friday and there are deals everywhere as we wish our neighbours in the United States and Happy Thanksgiving! In recent years, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been combined into a long weekend of unbelievable discounts assisting our needs into the holiday season.

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Which Frequent Flyer Program to use in Each Respective Regions of Canada

Often times, I am asked which airline frequent flyer program to accrue. My answer has always been the same, it depends on which region of the country that you live. Depending on which part of the country you live in, there are different airline hubs and concentrations.

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Saturday Updates and Promotions (RBC-WestJet and Scotiabank-Chase Canada)

I plan to start a new Saturday series every few weeks, so long as there is enough relevant updates and promotions to talk about. This series is going to provide news updates and promotions grouped together. I chose Saturday mornings because I think that it is a great day to catch on what was missed during the week.

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Air Canada and WestJet Break Single Day Records on the Same Day

Both Air Canada and WestJet reported that they set all-time single-day records for the number of passengers on July 31, 2015. Air Canada reported that it flew more than 150,000 passengers, while WestJet had 72,240 passengers on the same day.

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[TRAVEL] Credit Cards that give a Free Checked Bag (updated June 19, 2015)

There has been a lot of news about changes to checked bags when boarding a flight. There has also been some changes to the carry-on rules, whereby some airlines are looking at shrinking the eligible size. Of course all the…